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The Gamers' Midlife Crisis

I was catching up on my magazine reading the other day - yeah, I actually read physical magazines because I'm old and I get distracted reading them on screens - and I came across this article in the latest Wired .

I've never been much for watching vlogs like this, but the guy's "character," "NES...

Project in Detail: Caves of Narshe Logo Redesign (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous Project in Detail blog , the first part of the new CoN logo's creation.


As mentioned, the genesis of the logo update was the desire to make another special version of the logo to celebrate the site's 20th anniversary. Very few sites, particularly hobby sites, can claim to have survived so long, and I wanted to do something special to commemorate the time spent in development and among the community. Conceptualizing the new, sleek iteration. The...

Project in Detail: Caves of Narshe Logo Redesign (Part 1)

This is the first "Project in Detail" blog I've done about something that wasn't either explicitly web code, or heavily web code with some design enhancement along the way. This time around, I'm documenting the process involved in revamping the logo for Caves of Narshe to celebrate the site's 20th anniversary (on July 31, 2017).


Project in Detail: Mobile Caves of Narshe

As most of the web development for the Caves of Narshe is a one-man operation, I admit that the site can be slow to adapt to trends. Most recently, that trend has been responsive web, which is particularly annoying given that the site's core competency, video game information and walkthroughs, lends itself extremely well to use on a mobile device. Most games now are played with the user either on the mobile device itself, or with the phone or tablet sitting next to them as they play from the couch. A hard-to-use UX for mobile makes the site itself less attractive to players, which...

How Do You Measure the Size of Your Website?

And, does it really matter in every case?

One of my favorite things to blog about is probably the Caves of Narshe, because it's been something that I've worked on for nearly twenty years, and because it's something that I've worked on that I can always have attached to me publicly (unlike my actual job, which deals with enough proprietary code that I don't want most of it out there). I consider it to be a pretty big site within its fairly small niche, and in the places where it's not that big I still tend to think it does a lot of things better than its "competition."



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