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The future. It's like the present, only future-er. And it's the future that I am in, so I personally consider it to be pretty neat. I'm Josh, you're at my site right now, and I have some things to show you. I'm a software engineer, and I do work on the web, primarily for the user experience needs you don't even know you have. I also produce design for devices and print, take some photos, maybe blog from time to time, watch too much soccer, and in the right circumstances I can be doing all of those things for you.

While you're here, you can learn a little bit about me as an engineer, designer, and artist, and find out more ways to reach me directly. If you're looking for a bit more information on why this site looks the way it does, or just to check to see if you get the joke, you'll want to hop directly to this blog. Yes, I am accepting freelance work, typically for small businesses and web hosting; yes, I'm more than willing to hear you out regarding permanent opportunities that are either in the New Orleans area or are 100% remote.

Recent Thoughts

Hack Together a Home Server

Wow, it's been ages since I wrote anything up for this blog. So, here's a quick one from a hardware project I'm wrapping up for my home; for many years, I've run a desktop machine that has in the loosest terms been a "server" for my own needs. It's usually been whatever is handed down when I build a new PC for photo editing and/or gaming, so it's a pretty low-spec machine running some variant of...

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