National Basketball Association

I've found over the years that if, when asked, you mention your prior work experience as including "the NBA," people struggle a bit with the concept and try to think of companies that use that abbreviation that are not professional sports leagues. In this case, however, I was indeed at the home of the NBA TV studios in Secaucus, New Jersey, operating as the Senior Technical Development Coordinator for and During my time at the NBA, I managed site framework development and maintenance for all thirty NBA teams and all fourteen (at the time) teams of the WNBA. 

At a day-to-day level, this involved project management and support to ensure that the team personnel of all forty-four aforementioned teams were able to meet their own day-to-day needs of producing new web content for their teams within our custom CMS. Much larger project management came into play as each team was allowed to redesign their team sites using our corporate services every other year, and during that time I oversaw the entirety of technical production for each team redesign from wireframe to release, including technical approval of timelines, wireframes and designs, and CMS templating. 

With my other coordinators, I shared supervision of employees producing HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, JSP, and art assets. I also supervised the diagnosis and repair of small and large bugs within the systems, and I managed large-scale projects to develop site widgets for use by all teams on a number of occasions. This job also entailed regular presentation of project status for all of the projects listed here to my own supervisors up to the Executive Vice President of Operations for the league. I spent the final eighteen months of my time with the league working remotely from Boston, Massachusetts.

National Basketball Association
January 2006 - September 2008
Secaucus, NJ - Boston, MA
Senior Technical Development Coordinator