Moms and Jobs, Inc. (American MoJo)

Moms and Jobs, known better by the catchier name "American MoJo," was as startup with which I contracted for a few years that has sadly now ended its time as a going concern. MoJo was a startup with a plan for apparel manufacturing in the United States, with a focus on creating sustainable employment for mothers who would otherwise struggle to care for their families by providing fair wages and on-site daycare. 

While with MoJo, I managed the entirety of the company's client-facing web presence by collaborating with the house designer to produce a workable UX layer running on a SaaS e-commerce platform for online purchasing of the company's apparel. I also managed the company's SaaS Exchange server for mail, configured the company's payment gateways for accepting purchases, managed DNS for the company's TLDs, and provided web hosting solutions as the organization wound down business. Additionally, I provided consultation on all facets of the company's life online such as social media marketing and search engine optimization. This contract was executed remotely, with 100% of my work taking place outside of the MoJo offices.

Moms and Jobs, Inc. (American MoJo)
May 2010 - January 2013
Lowell, MA | Overland Park, KS
Web Technologies Consultant