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Hack Together a Home Server

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Here's how I replaced an old desktop PC with a small-footprint workstation to serve as a central repository for my most important files and applications for my home. And because I'm not the most elegant person in the world, this sort of computing how-to involves a power tool and some masking tape.

The Gamers' Midlife Crisis

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What's it like to be a middle-aged gamer? With the age of the Atari and NES, we are smack in the middle of the first generation who has had video gaming as a hobby, in their home, for their entire living memory. Here's a little bit about what that means to me for my present and the future.

Telecommuting: the Advice is Now

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As a followup to my earlier post, I'm going to assume that based on my previous thoughts you've now gone to your management team and advocated successfully for some work-from-home days in your life. More likely, of course, is that you're fortunate enough to be in a corporate environment where remote work is already embraced, whether that's for just some days during the week or month, or all of them.