They say that home is where the heart is.

The heart, though, can move from one place to another, over and over again in the course of a person's life. Does the heart find a home in each new place? Of course - but it never forgets where it came from.

A heart needs an anchor, something to keep it grounded on its travels, something to serve as a reminder that the things you live for aren't always at the end of a long journey, but are sometimes right behind you.

Just about five years ago, Angie and Josh met. Sometime afterward (not recently, regardless of what you may have heard), they fell in love. They've been a lot of places together over that time, from a tiny junior college to a sprawling university to the big city and back again.

But when it came down to having a wedding with their family and friends, they had no choice: they had to come back to where it all started - they had to come home.

After all, it's where the heart is.